Product = Delta 8 Distillate Hashish Brick

Size = 1/2 lb or 1lb

Lead Time To Ship = 3-4 days (non private label lead time)


  • 2018 Federal Farm bill compliant


Incredibly delicious and powerful Delta-8 THC Hash

These hash bricks are the next big thing in delta 8 smokables and inhalation products. We are all familiar with the hash or hashish that we have seen over the years in the cannabis industry, and now hemp has one of its own and it’s incredible.

Two major differences between our hash and any other hash you are going to find is the consistency and the taste. Our hash bricks are marvelously crafted using heat and pressure to create an incredible, delicious, and powerful smoking experience.


Premium Delta 8 Hashish

You can’t go wrong with a little hash. These chunks of hash are several layers thick and are coated with an intense amount of Delta 8 THC. Many people may think “man, that’s gotta be harsh, right?” My friends, this is not the case with Utoya’s Delta 8 hash. You are getting hit after hit of flavorful, delicious, smooth, and powerful smoke that will have even the most seasoned of users feeling the effects.


What is Delta 8 Hash?

Delta 8 hash is layer after layer of premium, treated Moon Rock, CBD, and CBG kief, which is then treated with yet even more of our high-quality, clean, third-party lab-tested delta-8 THC distillate, with absolutely zero cutting agents or solvents. These layers of kief are heat-pressed together with extreme pressure, which in turn creates the incredible hash brick!


How do I smoke hash?

Take some crumble, break it up a bit, not too much mind you. Don’t grind it. You want a good-sized pebble to a rock, depending on the size you’re wanting to enjoy, and then place this into a water pipe/bong or pipe, use a standard lighter, puff, and enjoy!


Keep in mind that hash is much more powerful than even our Moon Rocks, and is not something you will want to smoke a lot of at one time, especially if you are new to Delta 8 THC or THC overall.


Will D8 Hash get me high?

Hash is known to produce a stronger euphoria than Moon Rocks. This product is made to bring on an enjoyable euphoria. Enjoy responsibly.

(1/2lb or 1lb D8 Bricks) Wholesale Delta 8 Hash Bric

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    • Organically Grown Hemp Flower In USA
    • No Herbicides or Pesticides
    • CBD Processed in USA
    • Formulated in USA
    • Non-GMO
    • Organically Grown Hemp
    • 3rd Party Tested in USA
    • All Natural
    • THC Free
    • No Harsh Chemicals
    • Gluten Free
    • GMP Certified / FDA Registered Manufacturing Facility