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Product = Bulk Water Soluble Nano CBD Powder 

Size = 100G / 500G / 1 KG

Lead Time To Ship = 3-4 days

Color = White/Yellowish Color

CBD Potency = ~25% (nano = ~200mg per gram)


  • 2018 Federal Farm bill compliant
  • Perfect for beverages
  • Bulk, wholesale, private label


Great quality product for use in making tinctures, drinks, and other items that do not mix directly with oil.  The water solubility allows for much higher system absorption and faster system intake.


CBD Isolate is a pure, nano-emulsified, flavorless pharma grade powder. The lab process ensures premium solubility which makes the isolate perfect for manufacturers and brands alike. The degree of purity makes it extremely easy to dose accurately with confidence. As a result, it can be easily introduced into products without altering the flavor profile in addition to our bitter blocker already built-in. 


Bulk Water Soluble 25% CBD Nano Powder (100G / 500G / 1 KG)