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Product = Bulk CBN Isolate Powder

Size = Kilos (1kg, 500g, 100g)

Lead Time To Ship = 3-4 days

Potency = ~99%+ after processing

Smell = Odor Free

Taste = Flavorless


CBN is a cannabinoid that occurs naturally in the hemp plant at very low potency. Our CBN Isolate is therefore produced in a laboratory environment by using either CBD or CBG as a starting material. Then, via a proprietary process, the material is converted into high-purity CBN. After an ensuing repurification step, this becomes a true CBN Isolate. Preliminary, largely anecdotal, research indicates that CBN is useful as a sleep aid..

Bulk CBN Isolate Powder (1kg, 500g, 100g Pricing)

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